Travelling or Backpacking to Australia? Read This Guide To Finding a Job

Backpacker and Traveller Jobs

It was nice knowing you, farewell summer. Just what exactly do we need to look forward to next? Brief times, winds and long nights. Cold freezing nights, who wants that? Not me! Take it easy, it may be time to consider travelling to the other side of the world to a country going through summer when the rest of the world embraces for winter. And one of the best places where you can appreciate one of the best climates on earth is Australia.

And are you currently considering taking a trip or backpacking? Packing your bags and taking a vacation to Sydney is certainly not going to be a cheap experience, as travellers often say that Australia can be expensive. Your special savings will be gobbled up by journey as the powerful Australian dollar consumes it faster than you are able to mutter the words “throw another shrimp to the barbie”. So, if you plan on travelling or backpacking to Australia for some time, it may well be worth your best interests to find casual jobs for travellers or employment with a visa while you are here.

Backpackers JobsIn case you are worried that you don’t have the necessary skills or experience, there is no need to worry! There are many jobs available that are as simple as fruit picking or bar tending. Sydney and Melbourne are the two largest cities in Australia, and there is no shortage of work in these two places. First-up, it is important to speak the English language, as this is their national language. Secondly, it you will need to appreciate that most Australians are very hard workers, so it will not be possible for you to get a job if you don’t demonstrate the right attitude.

This article addresses some of the things you should consider before applying for a job either directly with an employer or via an employment agency. If you are aware of these things before you go and apply for your job you will be in a much better position that someone that does not. If you have the job criteria all organised, then there are many ways to apply directly through a jobs agency which will be working for you and your best interests.

Overall, Sydney is usually a dry area but being the state that is enormous as it is, you will find many employers in nearby farms and wineries. In Melbourne it is a similar story – there are many local farms that will happily employ travellers and backpackers. There is a rainy season between March and December also, which could get somewhat bad for finding work – but it is still worth applying and seeing what jobs are available.

The south of Australia, namely Adelaide, is also a popular area for backpackers to visit, and there is a lot of work to be found in that area. Basically anywhere where you can find wineries or farms, you will almost be able to find work.

November, December and January are the most active weeks in Australia. This is also a time where most people travel to Australia for holidays as well, and you’ll also compete for jobs with other backpackers and travellers who want to make more money on the summer vacations. There are many internships Australia wide that are offered by companies during this time of the year. Often this is the better way to secure a job, and if you find the right internship you will have better job security.

The ideal period to go to Sydney or Melbourne is the start of springtime to get in before the other vacationers and residents or right at the end of winter. What is more, from the time summer come along, you will have saved enough cash up to just take a trip to another city to look for work. And with wonderful shores, sports competitions and movie fests and all the songs festivals waiting over summer time for you personally, you will be able to spend the fruits of your labor. Take a look online if you are interested in finding some tips of what to do when you are visiting these two cities.

The AUD (A$) is divided into 100 cents and since it is so strong against other currencies, the exchange rate will mean you will get less cash than you bargained for. This can be an enormous problem for budget vacationers that will end up investing a great deal more on alcoholic beverage and food and lodging. Sydney is today more similar to high-priced locations like Asia or Sweden. This makes the reason even more compelling to find work while travelling to this country.