Refrigerated Shipping And Packaging, Is It Sensible?

Cold Chain PackagingWhen it comes to shipping food, it helps to make the proper precautions to make sure your food does not spoil. If it is for personal use, or for business, there are number things to research when it comes to preparation,

What Equipment Would I Need?

The equipment for refrigerated shipping would need to first have the proper container. Another name for the container that ships refrigerated goods is cold chain packaging, which can be described as inter-modal, which works with what is called temperature sensitive cargo. One thing to know about reefers is that they rely on external power. When a reefer is not being transported it is usually powered at the loading dock, or a container ship. When it is time to be transported engines fueled with diesel power the container. The Reefer does have the capability of controlling the temperature, and some do have a water-cooling system if the container placed in area of transport where ventilation is poor, and there is the risk of heat damaging the contents.

The other way to cool food while in transport is to use dry ice. This can be done if the trip is short, and you are trying to minimize costs. The length of time with how long the material will be cooled can vary. The container may have an internal fan, or made of solid material, which can maintain temperature. A plus when using a container with dry ice, is it can be placed anywhere on the vehicle of transport.

Temperature StickersWhat Are The Costs Involved?

The costs will vary depending on what shipping will be used, what kind of refrigeration, and what are the products that are being shipped. If you’re shipping something of high quality, it may be wise to spare no expense to make sure your product does not spoil.

One thing to remember is the container will vary in size. The bigger container usually will mean the higher the price. The wall thickness will usually be about the same, and you will need to keep in mind that there will be what are the prices for the dry ice, and then a separate price for the box. If you plan on purchasing a box, which is considerable size the company may just allow the purchase of the dry ice, and the container will automatically be factored into the price.

If it is necessary to purchase a reefer, the prices will vary but it can range anywhere from $15,000.00-$20,000.00. One thing to keep in mind is that a reefer is usually used for commercial transport, and not for personal use. If you are shipping for personal use, a sizable container with dry ice is probably the better option. Another important product that you should also be buying when transporting refrigerated goods is temperature stickers which can easily be attached to a refrigerated van or truck.

What Is The Best Method For Shipping?

Refrigerated shipping containers vary tremendously. If this is for a business, you will need to keep within budget. Shipping by the sea for international shipments may be cheaper than by air. Make sure that if dry ice is being used, you know how long the ice will last, especially if the trip is particularly long. If it is domestic, train may be better for commercial use. Many truck companies have trucks, which are simply giant reefers.