Latex Versus Spring Mattresses – Which Is The best?

Are Latex Mattresses Better Than Spring?

While most people are well aware of certain alternatives to spring mattresses (foam, air and water), most people don’t commonly hear about latex mattresses. They work in combination with a foam mattress pad to provide a more supportive and firm base to sleep on. The latex base is usually made from some kind of natural or synthetic rubber and can be bought for a bottom pad where it adds support under the foam pad, so the sleeper will have a slightly softer area to actually sleep on. They are also available in mattress toppers, where it will be more directly firm than the alternative.

Cost is almost always one of the factors in deciding which mattress someone is interested in, and a latex mattress is one of the more expensive options. While a spring mattress runs from $100 to over $5000 depending on the size, brand, and spring count; a latex mattress setup will cost anywhere between $300 and $6,000. The initial cost can end up being far more than the innerspring alternative, but depending on the type of mattress one wants, the extra cost can end up being well worth it once everything else is considered.

Spring Mattresse SectionMany times the questions about the types of mattress come to measures of how soft or firm the consumer wants their support to be, and while innerspring mattresses provide a large array of firmness depending on amount of springs, a latex mattress is inherently on the firmer side. For many people this can be the appeal of the latex mattress, as it provides a consistent amount of back support and allows the body’s weight to rest evenly over the bed instead of the localized pressure of an innerspring. It also allows for better circulation than an innerspring by keeping the body consistently level and not sinking into one area of the bed.

Another positive factor of latex mattresses is that they contain (and retain) far fewer allergens than the spring mattress. For sufferers of back pain and chronic pain in any way, a latex mattress is often a good alternative as it provides the necessary support without the discomfort and circulation issues of the innerspring. And for those who are dealing with pain anyway, being as comfortable as possible is of the utmost importance.

The latex also doesn’t move nearly as much as the spring mattress, so it’s not as disturbing to anyone sharing the bed. Since most people often choose the spring mattress due to its durability as well, latex is a great alternative since it also is able to be used for many years without wearing down as much as other mattresses, and is reported to even outlast the innerspring on durability. If in Australia, visit this site for the best mattresses in Sydney.

Choosing a mattress is not an easy situation, it requires consideration of the sleeper’s needs as well as the cost and desire of what one is looking for in comfort. Most people simply go for the stand-by of an innerspring, but a latex mattress provides a good deal of value over the course of the years that it will last. While the initial cost is more than other mattresses, the latex mattress will last longer than others and will provide the most amount of support to one’s back. As long as someone doesn’t mind a firm, supportive mattress, latex can be a great alternative.